Friday, June 28, 2013

Prop. 8 Ruling Worries Direct Democracy Activists

It's long been one of my biggest peeves that the State of California refused to defend Proposition 8 in federal court. This is a classic example of the permanent political class usurping the popular will, simply because it disagrees with the popular will.

And a precedent is being set. As the Los Angeles Times reports, "Prop. 8 ruling raises fears about effects on other initiatives."

And Wirecutter expresses some contempt for the elite know-it-alls, "No more. I’m done":
Fuck this shit.

Between a sitting President that uses voter fraud and bribery to win an election and the Supreme Court deciding that We, The People are wrong and overturning our fucking decisions, I will never enter a voting booth again.

We, The People decided that same sex marriage will not be tolerated in the state of Kalifornia and the Supremes decided that we don’t know what the fuck we want or what our morals are.

We know, we voted and they overturned OUR decisions.

I’m not going to waste my fucking time anymore.
And the sponsors of Prop. 8 aren't happy with the extremely fast move to allow marriages to proceed, "Prop. 8 authors denounce restart of gay marriages in California."

Well, it's a done deal now. Time to move onto the next battle.