Sunday, June 30, 2013

How Will Homosexual Marriage Supporters Argue Against Polygamy?

Well, WND has this, "Next Up, Polygamy?"

Actually, proponents of polygamist marriage aren't holding back at all.

At Reason, "So How About That Polygamy? Time to Talk About It?":
Will Wilkinson, blogging at The Economist, makes an argument that as with prostitution, our criminalization of polygamy often does the opposite of what’s intended and increases the victimization of women and children because of its shadowy status in culture:
If a man can love a man, a woman can love a woman and a man. And if they all love each other... well, what's the problem? Refraining from criminalising families based on such unusual patterns of sentiment is less than the least we can do. If the state lacks a legitimate rationale for imposing on Americans a heterosexual definition of marriage, it seems pretty likely that it likewise lacks a legitimate rationale for imposing on Americans a monogamous definition of marriage. Conservatives have worried that same-sex marriage would somehow entail the ruination of the family as the foundation of society, but we have seen only the flowering of family values among same-sex households, the domestication of the gays. Whatever our fears about polyamorous marriage, I suspect we'll find them similarly ill-founded. For one thing, what could be more family-friendly than four moms and six dads?
There you go.

You're going to be seeing a lot of arguments like this. Americans have to hunker down and avoid the left's culture of depravity. It's nearly all enveloping, but a backlash is coming. I guarantee it.

And see from 2009, "How Does Gay Marriage Affect Me?"

Added: From William Jacobson, "Polygamy – another love that now dares speak its name again."