Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mofo @Dat_Nigga_Reppy Be Down Wit Some Anti-Christian Hatin'!

Hey, ain't nevah no surprises wit dat hate-addled mofo Walter James Casper III --- a.k.a. @Dat_Nigga_Reppy, since he be down with somma mofo @Dat_Nigga_Vonni hatin' on Twittah.

Seriously, @Dat_Nigga_Reppy done be tweetin' him some Erik "Lumberjack" Loomis anti-Christian hate:

I done already be blogging on dat mf, "Faith, Any Faith, Has Now Officially Become Hate Speech." And @Dat_Niggy_Reppy already done tweeted him some anti-Christian hate from vile mf POS John Aravosis:

These mofos be lying, especially epic liar @Dat_Nigga_Reppy. I been calling out dat fool for his mf harassment for long time, yo. Ima get me some cops comin' down on that bitch for his serial harassment, cracka fool!

Mf @Dat_Nigga_Reppy just be like @Dat_Nigga_Vonni on #TrayonMartin on Twittah:

See dat, mofo! Next up, we likely be seein' @Dat_Nigga_Reppy gonna be down with poppin' some Christians, no doubt yo! More here, cracka!, "#TrayvonMartin Supporters Keepin' it Classy on Twitter."

BONUS: "Bwahaha!! Poor Widdle Wepsac3 Whines Hilariously: 'I'm the Victim! It's Me, I'm the Victim!'"

Bwahaha! I be laughin' at dat bitch!