Saturday, June 29, 2013

Faith, Any Faith, Has Now Officially Become Hate Speech

At All The Right Snark, "Finally! SCOTUS Gives the Left a Group They Can H8!!!"

DIANNY RANTS photo H8-is-okay_zps93312a25.jpg
Ah, yes. In the name of equality Liberalism can finally, openly, and with judicial fiat hate Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus. And they don’t have to feel guilty at all!!

What a coup!

And supporters of homosexual “marriage” took to the Twitters to share their SCOTUS-approved H8:

“Take that bitches!!!” was the tolerant Left’s response.

In an effort to be able to “live their lives and love their loves” freely, they now have the door kicked wide open to hate those folks who disagree with them and hate them with impunity!!!

Ain’t life grand?!

You see, there’s equality, then there’s equality.

And a First Amendment protection to practice your religion isn’t something that you can do with equal freedom as say two men who want to get married in your church.

Faith, any faith, has now officially become hate speech.
More at the link (via iOWNTHEWORLD).

BONUS: Some mondo sized stupidity and Christian hatred, from Erik "Lumberjack" Loomis, "On Our Knees for America." Because descending to bended knee in prayer is really all about cone jobs for your bestest bungee bunghole jumping homies. WINNING!