Thursday, June 27, 2013

RawMuscleGlutes: 'Jesus was on the side of love...'


Isn't that sweet?

Andrew "RawMuscleGlutes" Sullivan says "Jesus was happy today," at AC360 last night:

FLASHBACK: At AoSHQ, "Don't Go Over There, But Sullivan Is Pushing (of Course!) Trig Trutherism Now":
Is trolling for "Milky Loads" from anonymous sex partners really the best medical practice? People have a right to know.
And back at Sully's dish, "I Believe":
Some final thoughts after so many years of so many thoughts. Marriage is not a political act; it’s a human one. It is based on love, before it is rooted in law. Same-sex marriages have always existed because the human heart has always existed in complicated, beautiful and strange ways. But to have them recognized by the wider community, protected from vengeful relatives, preserved in times of illness and death, and elevated as a responsible, adult and equal contribution to our common good is a huge moment in human consciousness. It has happened elsewhere. But here in America, the debate was the most profound, lengthy and impassioned. This country’s democratic institutions made this a tough road but thereby also gave us the chance and time to persuade the country, which we did. I understand and respect those who in good conscience fought this tooth and nail. I am saddened by how many failed to see past elaborate, ancient codes of conduct toward the ultimate good of equal human dignity. I am reminded of the courage of a man like Evan Wolfson who had the vision and determination to change the world.

I think I'm gonna cry. Waaaaahhhh!!