Saturday, July 13, 2013

#Zimmerman Verdict Unleashes Social Media Avalanche

At the Los Angeles Times, "Zimmerman not guilty: Verdict sparks social media avalanche."

Here's one of my tweets that was retweeted over a couple of dozen times.

At lots at Twitchy, "‘Apoplectic’ Terry McMillan declares the verdict ‘was all about race’." And, "It’s ‘n*gga season’: Marlon Wayans tweets epic meltdown about ‘fat guck Zimmerman’." And check the "Zimmerman verdict" search.

More on the news at the New York Times, "Zimmerman Is Acquitted in Trayvon Martin Killing. " (At Memeorandum.)

And at Instapundit, "ZIMMERMAN VERDICT REACHED: Not Guilty. This is a prosecution that never should have been brought."

More on the reactions later, especially on MSNBC's meltdown, when I find some video.