Saturday, August 24, 2013

18 Questions for the Guardian UK

From Louise Mensch:
Remember, the Guardian said they agreed to destroy their computers – all of them – that contained the intel; they professed that they did not know what David Miranda was carrying – I believe their corduroy pants to be on fire even as we speak.

If they lied and kept copies and physically shifted the data, the UK and US intelligence agencies should go after them full throttle for espionage. At the bottom of this blog we have the police opening a criminal investigation into Miranda - remember the relief against that bit is only temporary – for transporting this data… if the Guardian have done it, they should be pursued in exactly the same way. Same with the New York Times.

She links Anderson Cooper's interview with Greenwald and Miranda, "Glenn Greenwald 'JOURNALISM IS NOT A CRIME AND IT'S NOT TERRORISM!'"

I think he's in over his head. Good thing, too. He won't ever be allowed in either the U.S. or Britain without possibly facing charges.

More at Memeorandum, "New York Times and Guardian Will Publish More Snowden Revelations."