Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fisking Idiot Leftist @BrianBeutler

The Other McCain returns to the lies of lying liar Brian Beutler.

See, "The Fisking of @BrianBeutler: Obsessed Obsessive Obsessions and Stuff Like That."

I don't know. Maybe Robert had a few Coronas, or some Twitter trolls got his dander up, because frankly just denouncing Beutler's lies alone gives too much attention to this despicable hack. But either way, behold the beauty of McCain's epic smackdown:
The “stop-and-frisk” thing is strictly an issue in New York, because of an NYPD policy that was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge. It has nothing to do with Oklahoma and even less to do with Sanford, Florida. Why Brian Beutler keeps bringing it up, I don’t know. Has the “stop-and-frisk” issue has been discussed by anyone at Fox News in the context of the Chris Lane murder? If it has, then why doesn’t he quote that discussion? In general, why are there no links or quotes in this column? Why can’t Brian Beutler be bothered to provide actual evidence of the phenomenon he presumes to critique? Why do liberals think it’s acceptable to assert controversial claims that they don’t bother to prove? How many bong-hits does Brian Beutler usually do before writing his columns? Seven. That’s now an established fact — because I just asserted it, see?
That's just one pull-away from Robert's fisking, but I picked up on that one because there's added context to Beutler's mewling about stop and frisk. It turns out that the dude was shot in 2008 by a couple of black thugs in D.C. who tried to rob Beutler of his cellphone. Beutler, an apparent tough guy, refused to give up his phone when confronted by these two black thugs and was promptly capped. Now, the interesting thing about this is that since then Beutler has used his status as a survivor of inner-city black crime as a sort of badge of humanitarian honor, giving him an enlightened perspective on all this that others less well-positioned (fortunate?) do not. You see, there's so much extra credibility in leftist race-baiting circles if, having been shot by a black criminal thug, one still clings to radical progressive views, in triumphant contravention to Irving Kristol's famous formula that a neoconservative is "a liberal who has been mugged by reality."

There's clear evidence of this in the fawning greeting CNN host Eric Deggans gives Beutler at this morning's segment of "Reliable Sources":

Here's the piece that Deggins lovingly cites during the segment, "What I learned from getting shot."

So Beutler was shot. Okay? BFD. All this proves is that sick leftist ideology has blinded this idiot to the real criminal pathologies of contemporary urban America.

And let me tell you: I've also been robbed at gunpoint. In 1991 I was working at the Chevron station at the corner of Ashlan and Blackstone in Fresno when some criminal gang thug stuck a Saturday night special in my left arm pit and said "give me the money." I didn't hesitate or act all tough. I gave the f-ker the money. Had I been shot, the angle of the gun would have sent a bullet into my heart and I would most likely be dead today. I was still a "liberal" back then, but I credit that experience as one brush with reality (of many) that would one day impel my own full abandonment of the sick and decrepit Church of Regressive Socialism.

In any case, folks should head back over to the Other McCain to read it all at the link.

Brian Butler's more recent piece on "the right's black crime obsession" is one of the most puerile pieces of progressive hackery I've ever read. Beutler's simply yapping incoherently in the mode of holier-than-thou leftist claptrap. I said so much to him personally on Twitter and never received a response. That's Beutler's SOP, to ignore conservative criticism that risks snapping that idiot back into the real world. Frankly, that's the only response available when your ideology's essentially a religious faith impervious to reason. Unfortunately, that's a faith-based sickness infecting the broader society. Our task as conservatives is to continue working to inoculate the rest of society that's so far has been spared from the plague.