Saturday, August 31, 2013

Charles Krauthammer: Obama Made U.S. Look Like it 'Chickened Out' of Military Strike on Syria

There's no other conclusion.

As I noted earlier today, there's no coherent reason why Obama needs to go to Congress for legislative authorization. The president could act under his powers as Commander-in-Chief, give notice to Congress under the War Powers Act, and that would have been it. Should the mission require a long-term presence, he then could have gone before the nation to make the case, and then have asked for a congressional resolution.

But listen to Krauthammer, who pulls no punches in slamming Obama for further weakening America in the eyes of the world.

At Scared Monkeys, "Charles Krauthammer Slams Obama … “It’s Amateur Hour” … “Obama Boxed Himself into a Corner …" (via Memeorandum).