Friday, August 23, 2013

Oberlin College Racism Hoax

Here's the CNN "mystery" report from March:

But it's all bullish*t.

William Jacobson reports, "The Great Oberlin College Racism Hoax of 2013":
I was right. Michele Malkin was right. The enormity of the hoax cannot be overstated, and it could not have taken place without the cover up by the Oberlin administration. Had Oberlin’s President gone on television or issued a statement that the acts were a hoax, the campus and media would not have devoted weeks to portraying Oberlin as having a racism problem.

The Oberlin administration has a lot of answering to do to the community, the nation, and to Oberlin alumni. How must those alumni feel to see their school smeared based on a hoax. Will Lena Dunham now tweet about it? Will CNN cover the hoax aspect as deeply as it did the incidents? Will Melissa Harris-Perry talk about the role of racist hoaxes in creating a false narrative of racism?
Yes, Michelle Malkin was right. And she updates, "See, I told you so: Oberlin hoax confirmed."

More at Twitchy, "It’s official: Oberlin race hoax perpetrated by lefties; Alumna Lena Dunham silent."