Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bradley Manning Gets 35 Years

But he could be out in 10, the damned traitor.

At at WaPo, "Judge sentences Bradley Manning to 35 years."

Read it at the link, then gasp at more Scott Lame-ieux idiocy at Lawyers, Gangs and Murder:
And as I said before, it’s particularly appalling when you consider the Obama administration’s “look forward not back” approach on torture. It’s hard to square this life-ruining sentence with the fact that no torturer was even considered worthy of being charged. I’d also say that at this point that it’s pretty hard to the American government to complain when other countries refuse to extradite whistleblowers.

More outrage --- OUTRAGE! --- at the long-out-of-power Bush-Cheney war cabal. The U.S. waterboarded exactly three terrorist suspects, and such techniques helped the Obama administration track down and kill Osama bin Laden.

But never mind that. Lame-ieux's stuck on stupid, calling for so-last-decade war crimes tribunals. Derp.