Monday, August 26, 2013

Ho Hum: Another Israel-Hating Antiwar Leftist Bashes the Troops

You don't see as many pieces of this genre with Obama in office, but obviously the hard-left cookie-cutter template is still widely available.

From the vile POS Steven Salaita, an Associate Professor of English at Virginia Tech, at the equally-vile, "No, thanks: Stop saying “support the troops”."

Folks can read it all at the link.

Professor Salaita is the author of Israel's Dead Soul, no doubt yet another anti-Semitic left-wing screed blasting Israel's right to exist. I've personally never heard of this idiot, but see the nice write-up at the Social Foundations of Education, "Meet Steven Salaita, Jihadist English Professor at Virginia Tech." Also, "Palestinian 'Literature Professor' Salaita Wants Academic Boycott of Israel; More Jihad Activity at Virginia Tech."

And it boggles the mind, but from some reason James Joyner thought a thorough fisking was in order, "Don’t Support the Troops?" Maybe there's some academic utility in it --- at least from James' perspective. But it's leftist ghouls like Salaita that got me blogging in the first place. Indeed, his attack on the troops as agents of "American imperial, torture, and global inequality" reminded me of Berkeley Bush-hater Kenneth Thiesen writing back in 2008, "Commentary: Why I Don’t Support the Troops":
“Support for the troops” has become political cover to support the wars...

But to decide whether U.S. troops deserve support you must analyze what they actually do in countries occupied by the U.S. The wars these troops are engaged in have the goal of maintaining and extending U.S. hegemony throughout the world. They are unjust, illegal, and immoral wars. Can you support the troops in these wars? Why is this any different from a German in World War II saying, “I oppose the wars launched by Hitler, but I support the troops of the German army which are making these wars possible.” When the Marines in Haditha massacred Iraqis, including women and children, would it have been correct to say I supported the Marines who killed those people, but not the massacre? This would be ridiculous, but no more so than supporting the troops engaged in the war that made the Haditha massacre possible in the first place.
The Haditha case was one of the worst leftist stab-in-the-back smears of the entire Iraq war. See Michelle Malkin on that, "Defining atrocity: Marines vs. the Haditha Smear Merchants," and "Al Qaeda and Haditha bombshell: What the MSM didn’t tell you."

But back to this pig Salaita. The guy's schtick is old and tired. And people of decency know that supporting the troops is simply the decent thing to do when Americans are at war fighting an enemy that is determined to exterminate not just the United States, but the Western way of life. Israel, of course, is at the front-line of that struggle, which makes this Salaita ghoul that much more sickening.

These people disgust me, even more now than in 2008 when I first responded to that prick Thiesen, "Supporting the Troops."