Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This is How Stupid the 'Debate' on Crime Has Become...

Just unreal.

Three black thugs gun down an Australian ballplayer and the debate's over gun control?

You could impose a total ban on gun ownership and criminal black thugs like these three mf's would still have guns, and they'd still gun down the innocent "just for fun."

Again, the left will have blood on its hands when good and decent citizens rise up and say enough of this sh*t. Things are coming to resolution in this country. And screw the Australians if they want to descend into PC barbarism. That's their problem.

Mr. Lane didn't "pass away" in a "senseless killing." He was brutally murdered by racist criminal black thugs who've been given the run of America's cities by a PC culture that's the bane of civilization.

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