Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Destroy the Heteropatriarchy!

I linked R.S. McCain's hilarious entry yesterday, "In Case You Missed It, @MileyCyrus Got Super-Skanky on the VMAs Last Night."

Linked there is "@Andrea_XX":

And the lady writes at her blog:
I am this close to getting my Masters degree in Gender Studies and I hold a Honors BA in Social Justice and Peace Studies.
Love that "social justice and peace studies" bit, but man, she might revise the part about "hitting her up on Twitter."

Seriously. Robert's got the update, "‘And It Just Blew Up’":
Heteropatriarchal slut-shaming? Hell, I thought I was just making fun of a celebrity, until @Andria_XX enlightened me, and she had no idea what hit her when her Twitter timeline blew up with reactions to her Master’s degree in Gender Studies mini-lecture.

So now it’s “cyberbullying” and “rage tourism” of which I’m accused.
The accusations are at the lady's Storify post, "Rage Tourism at It's Finest."

(I hope someone tweets her the correction, that "it's" is a contraction and "its" a possessive pronoun.)

In any case, she wanted to make sure I saw her handiwork (and no doubt all the others she included at her post as well):

All in a day's blogging, I guess.

A fascinating case study in deranged leftism, that's for sure.