Thursday, January 23, 2014

Leftists Freak Out Over Mike Huckabee's Totally Accurate Comments on Democrats' View of Women

Here's the background, in a surprisingly neutral headline, at LAT, "Republican Mike Huckabee wades into 'war on women'."

And Dave Weigel basically gets it right, "Mike Huckabee: Democrats Want Women to Think "They Can't Control Their Libido"."

But here's the regressive cookie-cutter clown Brian Beutler, at Salon, "Mike Huckabee offers his expertise on the female sex drive."

Frankly, Huckabee's comments were hardly controversial:

Mike Huckabee photo Ber5piLCEAAvyrN_zps2a6cedb0.png

And what do you know, from Noah Rothman, "NBC, CNN Reporters Pounce on Huckabee's ‘Libido’ Comments; Forced to Issue Corrections."

More at Hot Air, "Media, White House erupt at Huckabee for saying something about Democrats and women’s libidos":
Does it really matter what he said? The liberal thought process on this works this way, I think: “Known social conservative + something about women + something about sex and birth control = outrage.” Right? It’s basically Pavlovian. Which is why even many Republicans who sympathize with social conservatism rub their temples at the thought of nominating a loud-and-proud social con as nominee. You don’t want biased, soft-headed media lefties setting the parameters for who you can nominate, but on the other hand, if you know your guy’s going to spend the campaign tapdancing around soundbite landmines — sometimes justifiably, sometimes not — why bother?

This is, as anyone who reads at a third-grade level will tell you, a shot at Democrats for practicing an especially narrow form of identity politics, not at women.
Yep. Also at the Weekly Standard, "Journalists Distort Mike Huckabee Quote."