Friday, January 17, 2014

You Cannot Be Serious! Covered California Richard Simmons #ObamaCare Dance Off Debacle

I mean let's get real. Someone on staff of California's ObamaCare exchanges thought that a Richard Simmons dance off video would encourage young people to sign up? This is literally the worst thing I've ever seen associated with promotion of the ACA. It's positively radioactive. Clips of Simmons doing the spread eagle will no doubt make their way into political ads for 2014. Heads should be rolling even as we speak.

I can't in good conscience embed the video, so see how long you can hold out without gagging at the link, "Tell a Friend - Get Covered: Richard Simmons Dance Off."

This was on Greta's this afternoon, "ObamaCare Unplugged."

And at Twitchy, "Covered California’s ‘Richard Simmons twerk-a-thon’ tries to reach uninsured Millennials."

More at the Blaze, "Yes, California, Your Tax Dollars Were Used to Finance a Richard Simmons Pro-Obamacare Dance-a-Thon," and at Hot Air, "Video: Who’s up for an ObamaCare enrollment dance-off featuring Richard Simmons?"

And at AoSHQ, "That Should Do the Trick: Obamacare's Six Hour Internet Telethon to "Get Covered" Features Contortionist, Guy Whose Expertise is "Drunk Cooking," and of Course... Richard Simmons."
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