Thursday, September 2, 2010

Discovery Channel Gunman 'Was Just an Average DC Nut Job'

John Lilyea would know. See, "Yeah, I Talked With the Discovery Channel Gunman":
I had a long conversation while waiting for the Code Pink/IVAW protest last October ...

He was steeped in all kinds of Leftist blather. But he spewed out a lot of Ron Paul crap mixed with some Republican talking points – whatever fit his protest sign. He was a raving lunatic and I wouldn’t blame any political party for James J. Lee like some people have. He was just an average DC nut job.

I posted on this yesterday, especially on the typical leftist reaction to label this sick man a "right-wing extremist." See, "Charles Johnson, Think Progress Strain to Portray Discovery Gunman as Right-Wing Anti-Immigrant Extremist."

Additional background at Verum Serum, "Violence at the Discovery Channel (Video of James Lee Added)." (Via Memeorandum.) And at ABC News, "Police Say Discovery Channel Gunman James Lee Posed 'Grave Danger' to Hostages: Gunman's Brother Believes James Lee Wanted to Be Killed By Police."