Thursday, September 16, 2010

'Tactical Elan ... Unmatched Competitor ...'

That's the header to an e-mail in my in-box right now, from Carl Symons:

sadly, no!

I'd say that you were seriously overmatched.

"So, a hearty F*** You to the lot of you, assholes." Now, that's Machiavellian!

sasquatchisreal. what a dubmass.

That would be "outmatched" and "dumbass," but who's counting poor wording and misspellings? Besides, now Carl gets his e-mail published on the Intertubes! All c/o the towering intellectual demonologists of Sadly No! — who're apparently getting a lot of mileage off the episode:


So, yeah, F*** You, buttfreaks.

Make my day.