Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Free John Tyner!

See the story at San Diego Union-Tribune, "TSA to Investigate Body Scan Resister." And at the video, the most compelling discussion is toward the end, with Shepard Smith and attorney Seth Berenzweig:

And previously: "Janet Napolitano Defends TSA Full-Body Scans and Pat Downs."


Athanasius Kircher said...

Great post. Never forget ...


dave in boca said...

Napolitano is turning into a Lez-Nazi biyotch of titanic proportions---like the sinking iconic cruise ship that hit an iceberg, American public opinion.

This woman is more tone deaf than Obama and stupider than Eric Holder.

The lamestream media doesn't care a fig.

Athanasius Kircher said...

btw does any one know the answer to this question:

If you refuse nude scanning and TSA creeps feeling you up and are forbidden to get on your flight, are the airlines obliged to refund your ticket even if it is non-refundable?

AmPowerBlog said...

Athanasius: Tyner got his money back, but only after protesting.