Friday, November 5, 2010

Leaving California?

For the first time in my life I'm feeling I would if I could.


It's not the first time I've entertained the idea of living somewhere else in the country. Washington State is attractive --- I love the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty --- but too progressive, so it's not a serious idea. But I'm thinking the Mountain West, perhaps Colorado. Of course it's not possible for me to relocate anywhere at this point in my life. My career will keep me tied down teaching in Long Beach, and my wife's successful in South Orange County retail management (and we have our boys, who are settled). But when I told my wife today that a lot of conservatives are asking why folks on the right still live here, she thought it was a good question. Maybe ten years from now my wife and I will be able to pull up stakes and cut loose with some "Going Mobile." This could all be a flight of fancy, to be sure. But seeing the data on the changing California electorate I got the feeling that demographic change is making the state permanently Democrat-Socialist, and I can't dig on that. Plus, see Allahpundit shocka: "Confirmed: Happy Meals Now Banned in San Francisco." And that got Patterico thinking: "California Conservatives: Why Do You Still Live Here?" Which in turn triggered something from Jack Dunphy: "California Conservatives: Whither Shall We Flee?"

The last time I wrote anything remotely similar was shortly after Barack Obama took office. It was mostly ruminations at that time. Now I'm starting to get into the planning mode. Weird. See, "
Worst Case Scenario? Preparing for Anarchy in America."


Dennis said...

If everyone flees crime to the safety of the mountain eventually the mountains will be over run by criminals. The fight is always where one lives. If there is one thing that everyone should take away from the last two years it is that we are not alone. In fact we are the majority and have considerable resources available to us.
This is the beginning and people need to keep at building that majority that respects and loves this country. This election proves that we can be very effective at making things happen. It also proves that the Left and its outlets really do not have very much power especially if we engage.
Just because we do not like politics does not mean we do not know how to play. We just need to play with an ever increasing intensity.
Now we need to keep educating ourselves on all things political and truly understand our history and Constitution. We also need to understand how money works and government's affect on it. This is where you, and others, have a very important function. Each person that moves away from the Dark Side into the light will be one less Leftist.
We have a great country and need to keep it that way. Never allow anyone to control you by being angry or despondent. Only the individual can allow that to happen. True wisdom comes to those who maintain their composure and ability to reason.
One thing I keep trying to remember is from Mao, "In advantage lies the seeds of disadvantage and in disadvantage lies the seeds of advantage." (SIC) Nothing is so bad that we cannot change it if we keep our heads about us and use the intelligence that GOD gave us. We have the power.

AmPowerBlog said...

I love California, Dennis, and I wouldn't move away easily. My activism and participation was extremely intense this last 18-months, and I feel like I'm at a brick wall. Maybe I'll feel an opening later. I agree with what you say, but the biggest obstacle is the demographics. As long as immigration enforcment is lax, there will be an endless supply of newcomers who will also have to be educated to contitutional norms and love of conservative values (over leftist identity politics and reconquista). It's a hard challenge.

Dennis said...

Here is a thought for you. One of the best things that could have happened to Conservatives was/is Obama. His supposed strengths are the very things that are hurting him now and he is incapable of adjusting.
What are the strengths and weaknesses demonstrated in California? Are they really strengths or can they be exploited? Progressive have exploited our strengths as a country in order to get to this point.
One of the tenets of martial arts is to use the strength of one's opponent against them. You have far more resources available than one might think.

AmPowerBlog said...

Well, I'll have lots of time to puts some of those methods into effect in any case. I like my job, and have no plans for early retirement. But I am going to start thinking more carefully about how to affect political change here at home. I'm tempted to run for office myself! Besides that, I'll be meeting with local activists to get the buzz on plans for 2012. I've spent the day out grading today, in Irvine, and it's so beautiful it's almost criminal. So, no big changes any time soon. Thanks for your thought, Dennis.

Anonymous said...

This was very interestng, Donald.

We'll correspond about this, I should say.

AmPowerBlog said...

Irish Cicero:

Hey, I look forward to hearing from you!

Kenneth Davenport said...

Donald -- as you know I just returned to San Diego after 4 years in Colorado. The Mountain West is a nice place -- less expensive, good schools, clean air, etc. The people are great and there are more conservatives, to be sure. But we came back because for us it was too small, too isolated. We love the climate here, the beach and though the economy is in shambles, there is still more opportunity here than in Colorado. Anyhow, everyone has their own taste and needs, of course -- but for us it wasn't the right fit.

California may become untenable -- but it isn't there yet. There are still pockets of conservatism here, and being in San Diego and around the military you still have a patriotic feeling and a sense that not everyone is nuts. But I know that LA and San Francisco are long, long gone -- and that the demographic trends are against us. At the current rate the economic engine will sputter and die out, and likely we'll be headed elsewhere again. But for now we are happy to be back.

BTW -- Colorado is under attack from the left as well; there has been a well organized effort funded by millions from several wealthy liberals to fund GOTV and communication efforts on behalf of liberal causes and candidates. The GOP has nothing like this and it is one big reason why Bennet won the Senate seat. We made gains in CO on Tuesday, but the state is still a deep shade of purple and demographics there don't figure to change it back red anytime soon.

AmPowerBlog said...

I wondered why you moved back to California, Ken.

I sense most places won't be "big enough," having lived in California all my life. South Orange County is conservative and Republican, so it's not like I'm isolated from fellow conservatives. I just hate to get the feeling that the state is headed to the dumps. Maybe things will change, but we'll see. Thanks for commenting.

Adrienne said...

I have two words for you - North and Idaho.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Adrienne!

Maybe Montana or Wyoming!

Rusty Walker said...

On FB I was joining in...but, after some thought: I don’t believe it is a good idea to leave a state for politics. You’ll find the same political socialists in Arizona, Colorado, et. al. If you like California and have as solid a position as you have, I say, stay where you are. I still love Cali. You have beaches, mountains of Yosemite and the lovely Monterey coastlines, Carmel, you even had a great day in Irvine!

The state will have to turn around anyway after Brown runs it further into economic wreckage. You are in a career where you make a difference in people’s lives, and sure, you can also run for office or write that book.
I left the Bay Area for my kids grade schools and high schools in Arizona, the warmer, dryer climate, and I thought it might boost my painting market-which it did for a while. I also had my parents living here-family. So, the greener pastures- not really. I didn’t like the chaos (some people’s chaos is another person’s social activity!) of southern California; but, if you live there, and adjusted, that isn’t an issue. You have it made, KD!!
I say "Stay," make the changes in the American way- political activism!

Grizzly Mama said...

Colorado?! No way! I was born and raised in CO and I would never live there now.

We moved away from Philly out into the sticks of Lancaster County because it was so bad. I've moved across country a few times. It isn't easy - culture shock depending on where you're coming from and going to. The move to the sticks was hard on the kids - but it won't kill them. I've entertained the idea of moving to a nearby state with less vigorous homeschooling requirements. I would move for the right reasons, even if it would be hard.

I sure wouldn't move to Colorado, though! lol. Montana, Alaska or Wyoming, maybe.. (I'd have to check their homeschooling laws..)

Dennis said...

Irishcicero sums up my thoughts about discussing ideas in this kind of forum. Broad brush anyone.........

Bob Belvedere said...

Quoted from and Linked to at:
BULLETIN: Prof. Donald Douglas In Disagreement With Led Zeppelin

richard mcenroe said...

The water's warm on those Gulf Coast beaches...

EM said...

Another solution, and the only one that I think will work to salvage California in our lifetimes:

The last, best hope for a once great state, and for Californians who want to salvage their children's future in that state. Desperate times call for, well, you know. The state must be split. Sooner rather than later,or too late. Those who reject the failed philosphies that have brought the state to ruin must be given the chance to succeed. I would love to see the Conservative/Libertarian blogging community get behind this idea and give it some wings. This is not defeatism or giving up, this is the opportunity for breathing new life into the state where before there was none.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, Donald, et al:

I thought I saw a Pacific Nor'wester who posted a comment about Civil Defense. Now I can't see it. (Glasses are fogged) He made good points about getting involved with your community disaster relief folks.

As many commenters point out, it's not so much Armageddon as it is robbery. The apolitical, amoral elite has done "banked" us into pre-implosion. Add to that the folks who have been living on the edge, and on drugs, and the general social breakdown, and you have a prescription for all hell breaking loose.

So it gets down to brass tacks: basically, how to live as folks did in the 30s? And since most of us were raised on tv and Safeway, that's the sort of adjustment we're talking about.

Oooh. Fun.