Friday, November 5, 2010

At Ruby's

This morning, in Irvine.

I've been off the grid most of the day. I had some lab tests done this morning (blood work, etc., in advance of my annual physical next month). After that I stopped by my youngest son's school to drop of his lunch (which I forgot to make early this morning). And then I headed over to Ruby's off Barranca in Irvine for breakfast. Here's the view looking Northeast, over the Woodbridge Lake to Saddleback Mountain in the distance:


I've been doing some grading as well. My fall newspaper assignments were due last week, and I generally have grading through the first week of December (depending on how disciplined I am in completing these). So, if posting seems light on some days I'm probably just busy with other things. Meanwhile, Washington Rebel has a response to my thoughts on leaving California: "Preparing for the Worst."