Friday, November 5, 2010

What Happened to Proposition 19?

Earlier, from dumb lefty Kevin Drum:

I know this won't be much solace to everyone who worked on Prop 19, but.....this isn't so bad, really. Given the automatic headwind of getting people to vote Yes on anything, the additional headwind of a big Republican turnout, plus the general nervousness that middle class people have about drugs, a loss this small is actually sort of encouraging. All we need to turn this around in a few years is for 4% of voters to change their minds.
This is the same argument we heard about Prop 8. And how's that working out? Folks said forget the electoral process and went to court, and gay marriage in California will eventually be decided by the Supremes. Meanwhile, the judges in Iowa who approved gay marriage are out on their asses, and lefties are freakin': "Iowa's Total Recall." Fact is, the public consistently repudiates Democrat-Socialist policies at the ballot box. And when there's a popular pushback against judicial activism we hear the outcry against "entrenched special interests." That's rich. See, "Rejection of Iowa judges over gay marriage raises fears of political influence."

Anyway, more on Prop. 19: Leftist
Josh Marshall is getting some pushback from the usual suspects on the radical left, most notably hare-brained E.D. Kain, the infamous workplace intimidator.