Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Caller Says Dana Loesch Should Be Raped

At All Patriots Media, "Leftist caller wishes rape on radio host Dana Loesch" (via Protein Wisdom):

In addition to my own show, I fill in for syndicated radio host, Big editor and CNN contributor Dana Loesch. On Monday, I filled in for Dana, and discussed the controversial commentary by Keith Olbermann who denies that rapes have occurred at Occupy events around the country and the most recent words from that compares a Virginia law (requiring an ultrasound before an abortion) to rape.

The phone lines were open, and a caller named “Brenda” was brought on to the show. Brenda started by attempting to dismiss Loesch, claiming she didn’t even know her last name because she’s “never really heard of her.” (Which would make one wonder why she called into the show of someone she’s never really heard of?)

Then, after voicing her displeasure over Loesch’s supposed position on sex and rape, “Brenda” put out this violent gem:
And a woman to say that about other women, saying maybe they shouldnt have had sex in the first place. I hope she (Loesch) winds up in the same circumstance as the women she is talking down to…
In order to truly understand the leftist-progressive, you must start by accepting that they hate you. They hate you for what you believe, and they hate you for not believing what they believe. In the case of Loesch, they hate her for being a woman who doesn’t tow the feminist line of “real” women (see, Liberal Women.)

The leftist-progressive also has no need for “The New Tone,” which was a fashionable catch-phrase used after the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tuscon in 2011. But, for them, it is only applicable to those they disagree with; used as a rallying cry of sorts to stifle dialogue and prevent conversations. Calling for the rape of Loesch, to them, is justified. After all, she said something they disagree with! Just add it to the list of Ed Shultz calling Laura Ingraham a slut, and Guy Cimbalo wanting to “hate fuck” Michelle Malkin and Megyn Kelly, amongst others.

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