Thursday, February 23, 2012

Santorum's Missed Opportunity in Mesa

I found myself getting sleepy during the debate, as the excitement factor seemed quite low, although I don't think Santorum did as badly as some are suggesting. Mostly I thought the candidates got bogged down on earmarks and the congressional process. It wasn't until later in the debate did we get into social issues, which should have been leading off the night. And even then, I thought Mitt Romney more than held his own on that, overshadowing Santorum somewhat, while Newt Gingrich seemed subdued for he evening.

See Telegraph UK, "Rick Santorum misses opportunity to cement hold over Mitt Romney."

I like Santorum on foreign policy, I must say. But that's not what folks were looking for in the debate.

More at Washington Post, "Santorum struggles to defend record in heated GOP debate."