Tuesday, February 21, 2012

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Republican Voters Oppose a 'Brokered' Convention

Actually, a brokered convention would be exciting, since you just don't see that kind of thing nowadays. And personally, I'm not all that unhappy with the GOP field. If it's Romney it's Romney. He's a good man and could make an excellent president. We'll see if he can get his mojo back, or if Rick Santorum becomes the prohibitive favorite after this next round of primaries. Either way, GOP voters don't like the prospects of taking it to Tampa, as USA Today reports (via Memeorandum):

WASHINGTON – While most Republicans wish they had different choices in the party's presidential field, a nationwide USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds overwhelming resistance to the idea of an old-styled brokered convention that would pick some new contender as the nominee.

By 66%-29%, the Republicans and Republican-leaning independents surveyed say it would be better if one of the four candidates now running managed to secure enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Most are happy to see their roller-coaster campaign continue: 57% say the battle isn't hurting the party.

Meanwhile, President Obama's standing against two potential Republican rivals has ebbed a bit. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney leads the president 50%-46% among registered voters, Romney's strongest showing against him to date. Obama edges former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum by a single percentage point, 49%-48%.

The poll, taken Thursday through Sunday, illustrates the battle between head-and-heart for many GOP voters...
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