Friday, February 24, 2012

Wizbang Apologizes for Post Attacking New York Times Columnist Charles Blow as 'Stupid Nigger'

Well, there are some lines you don't cross no matter how bad progressives are --- and Wizbang crossed a line in a post yesterday, seen at the screencap, c/o All American Blogger, "There’s Proving a Point and There’s Going Too Far – Guess Which One This Is?"

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And here's the thing: Charles Blow is outrageous. I write about him pretty regularly because I'm blown away at how radical he is, and unintelligent too --- and he's at the New York Times (which explains it, I guess).

Anyway, I posted on this last night, "Charles Blow's Religious Bigoty: New York Times Columnist Mocks Mitt Romney's 'Magic Underwear'." As noted at the title, Blow's a bigot. But I never thought to respond to him with racist bigotry of my own. And I'm surprised that the Wizbang author thought it would be okay, or funny even, to attack Blow as a "nigger." It's not funny. Wizbang's in my blog feed at the sidebar and I saw the "Stupid Nigger" post earlier and it looked dead serious. I don't think that kind of language is ever acceptable, and I don't think it's okay even when black folks call each other "nigga" as a term of endearment, or something.

So, I'm not surprised that the reaction was apparently swift and furious. The author, "Paul," has updated, "About That Disappearing Charles Blow Post." Unfortunately, I don't think he quite gets it. He writes, for example, that the post was pulled only because the title might be misunderstood as genuine racism, not "faux-bigotry" intended to attack real bigotry. Actually, it doesn't work that way, and I think Paul understands this in the end, ultimately, by the looks of the update at that post (added before the post even went live, it turns out).

And that's not all. Kevin, the owner of Wizbang (I guess) now has his own entry: "A Word From the Boss." It's an apology and a good one.

And as Charles Blow has now apologized for his anti-Mormon tweeting, I think it's now a teachable moment for everyone.

I will hazard that the folks at Wizbang have done something here by way of apology that progressives would not do, and I have the Olbermann/Moulitsas #OWS rape denials and attacks on Dana Loesch in mind as I write this.