Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mitt Romney Looks Ahead to General Election

It's an avalanche of political news this morning, but the Romney team has tuned out the white noise to focus on the White House.

Huffington Post reports, "Mitt Romney Ad Raises Cash Off Obama's 'Kill Romney' Strategy."

There's still Super Tuesday, of course, what I've been calling Romney's last hurdle. If he gets over that without too much damage he'll pick up a big boost in political perceptions. But the going doesn't look easy. As noted last night, Gingrich and Santorum have advantages in their home and backyard states (Georgia and Ohio) and losses for Romney in those bellwethers will deny him additional momentum for the weeks after that. This is apparently what the RNC wanted --- a prolonged primary process --- but it increasingly looks like a really bad idea. See Charles Krauthammer on that at RCP video, "Krauthammer: Long Primary Process Has 'Diminished' GOP Brand."

And no doubt the Democrats are banking on that. See National Journal, "Michigan and Arizona: Bruising GOP Primaries Brighten Obama’s Prospects."

I'll have more later...