Friday, February 24, 2012

New Romney Emphasis on Taxes, Policy Working in Michigan

Well, I took after Romney for the fumble at Ford Field, so here's a little bit more positive news, at IBD, "Mitt Romney Shift to Talking Tax Cuts, Other Policy Specifics, May Be Working in Michigan":

DETROIT — After months of gauzy statements that he "believes in America," Mitt Romney is trying to give Americans concrete reasons to believe in him.

He still believes in America, but he spent about half of Friday's 25-minute speech to the Detroit Economic Club laying out fairly detailed policy proposals that he would pursue as president.

"I want to talk to you about policy today," he said. "It's not exciting and barn-burning, but it's important."

In are discussions of tax rates and entitlements; gone are the quotes from "America the Beautiful." It is a marked shift from a few weeks ago, when Romney's speeches were long on American values and criticism of President Obama, but short on policy.

Romney has had to employ a new tactic after Rick Santorum swept the three caucuses on Feb. 7 and took the lead in Michigan, which along with Arizona holds its primary on Tuesday.
That sounds good. And more at the link.