Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two U.S. Military Officers Shot and Killed in Kabul

At Los Angeles Times, "2 Americans killed in Afghanistan in new Koran-burning violence," and Blazing Cat Fur, "Two U.S. advisers killed by Westerner at Afghan Interior Ministry: officials (VIDEO)."

And at Telegraph UK, "Two senior American soldiers shot dead in Kabul":

Two Americans, believed to be senior US army officers, were shot dead by a gunman on Saturday in a secure area deep inside one of the most high-security buildings in Afghanistan.

The shootings came after five days of protests against the burning of copies of the Muslim holy book at an American base in Afghanistan.

A Taliban spokesman immediately claimed responsibility for the shootings. A Nato source said an "aggressive search" was underway for the gunman, who was believed to be Afghan.

The two officers, a colonel and a major, were killed inside the interior ministry in Kabul, where they had been advisers working with Afghan counterparts.
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And at USA Today, "U.S. condemns deadly attack on Americans in Afghanistan."