Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Michigan and Arizona Primaries

Mitt recaptures the momentum.

At Washington Post, "Mitt Romney wins Arizona, Michigan primaries."

Mitt Romney won both of Tuesday’s Republican presidential primaries, routing Rick Santorum in Arizona and narrowly securing Michigan, his birth state.

The victories will provide an important boost for Romney, a former Massachusetts governor who has sought to cast himself as the GOP’s inevitable nominee. He has now won primary contests in six states: New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, Maine, Michigan and Arizona.

“We didn’t win by a lot, but we won by enough. And that’s all that counts,” Romney told supporters in the Detroit suburb of Novi on Tuesday night.

He said nothing about Santorum in his speech, instead criticizing President Obama at length and trying to boil down a complicated economic message.

“I’m going to deliver on more jobs, less debt, smaller government,” Romney said. Later, he returned to another three-point message about government: “I’ll make it simpler, smaller and smarter.”
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And at Los Angeles Times, "Romney takes Arizona and Michigan primaries: Wins ease concerns over protracted battle for nomination."

March 6th is Super Tuesday, and so tonight's wins for Romney were crucial in helping the erstwhile frontrunner restore some of his previous glory. That said, even with some renewed momentum Romney's got some big challenges: Newt Gingrich is leading by double digits in Georgia and Rick Santorum leads in Ohio and Tennessee. I'll have more on this later. Meanwhile, check Christian Science Monitor, "Mitt Romney: Will Michigan, Arizona wins restore aura of inevitability?"