Monday, February 27, 2012

One Dead in Shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio

The New York Times is updating at The Lede blog, "Ohio High School Shooting Leaves 1 Student Dead and 4 Wounded."

And at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "Chardon High School shooting: A guide to what happened and how word spread."

CHARDON, Ohio - The chilling actions of a teenager as he systematically shot Chardon High School students sitting at a cafeteria table were captured by surveillance video at Chardon High School, which also showed the chaos afterward.

According to a source who viewed the video, the student - identified by fellow students as T.J. Lane -- sat down by himself at a table in the cafeteria around 7:30 a.m. Within moments he reached into a pack or a bag. He pulled out a .22-caliber handgun.

Lane walked around his table and stood behind students identified by classmates as Russell King, Demetrius Hewlin and Nick Walczak, all juniors and friends. Russell and Nick were waiting there before catching a bus to Auburn Career Center.
Also, "1 student killed, several hurt in shooting at Chardon High School; suspect in custody."

UPDATE: At New York Daily News, the death toll is now at two, "Ohio high school shooting kills two students, suspect in custody."

And at Fox 8 Cleveland, "Teachers’ Heroic Actions During Chardon High Shooting," and "Community Deals with Chardon High School Shooting at Vigil."