Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hope Solo Bashes Brandi Chastain on Twitter

Fox Sports has screencaps.

And see Christine Brennan, at USA Today, "Hope Solo wrong to criticize Brandi Chastain TV commentary":

Hope Solo
LONDON – U.S. soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo has had the most bizarre couple of weeks. She simply cannot stay out of the headlines.

After a positive drug test that was explained away as an honest mistake and some risqué quotes appearing in a national magazine about sneaking celebrities into the Beijing Olympic Village, Solo now has outdone herself by unleashing a Twitter barrage against American soccer icon Brandi Chastain, the hero of the 1999 World Cup.

Chastain, now an NBC commentator at the Olympics, was critical of the U.S. defense and goalkeeping in the Americans' first game, a 4-2 come-from-behind victory against France. As the USA fell behind 2-0, she definitely was not alone in her commentary about what appeared to be a confused U.S. defensive effort at the beginning of the game.

On Saturday in the USA's 3-0 win against Colombia, Chastain singled out U.S. defender Rachel Buehler, who had committed a first-half turnover. Solo didn't like it, not one bit. So she told her 471,673 followers on Twitter all about it, taking four different shots at one of the great names in U.S. soccer history, who happened to just be doing her job commentating on the team she helped to make famous.

It all seems so silly...
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