Saturday, July 28, 2012

London's Daily Mail is World's Most Visited Website

As regular readers know, I usually post from London's Daily Mail a couple of times a day. It's an awesome newspaper, boasting an ample pool of right-leaning articles and a ready supply of scantily-clad hotties. What more could you ask for?

Indeed, for the longest time I've been meaning to post Ed Driscoll's piece from a few months back, "Gray Lady Down: Has the London Daily Mail Overtaken the NY Times?"

Well, as the Guardian reports this morning, there's no need for that question mark. See, "Mail Online's 69% revenue growth suggests paywalls not the answer":
Been bored today? Chances are you logged into Mail Online. Seven clicks later, you remembered who you were. Mail Online is the biggest newspaper website in the world. Comscore says 6.5m unique browsers turn up daily, and as the parent company's trading statement showed today the money is beginning to roll in.
Read it all the link. But the key comparison there is to the Times of London, and now just clicking over to it we find that it's behind the paywall, which is too bad.

The Times' paywall model is probably maxed out, with little additional revenue growth expected. While at the Daily Mail growth has taken off with no limits in sight.

As for back stateside, both the New York Time and Los Angeles Times are using paywalls. I subscribe to LAT as the local paper, or I wouldn't be able to read it online otherwise. And the New York Times is prioritizing Google views, so if you cut and paste articles into your browser you can bypass the paywall, which at 10 views per month happens right away in my case.

Anyway, that's enough for now. Time to get back over to some of the hotties at Daily Mail!