Tuesday, July 31, 2012

They're Black Flash Mobs, CBS. Get It Right. These Are Black Criminal Flash Mobs

It's the criminal gang demographic whose race shall not be uttered.

At CBS: "Flash mob caught on tape stole $3K in designer jeans, store owner says." It's not just "20 teenagers." It's "20 black teenaagers." You can call 'em out like that, go ahead. Take a chance and be called as RAAAAACIST!! Everything's racist nowadays, so live a little.

Also at Gateway Pundit, "Flash Mobbery Chicago… Youth Mob Loots Clothing Store – Makes Off With $3,000 in Jeans (Video)."

Even Gateway's keeping their race under wraps. Don't want to be slurred as "Hateway," I guess. The progs are going to do it anyway. They don't care about civil rights and black progress. They care about power and social destruction of decency, of law and order. The freaks.