Sunday, July 29, 2012

Obama Runs 'The Choice' Ad During London Olympic Games

This clip ran yesterday around Noon while I was watching the London games. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

But it's boilerplate Democrat class warfare. O slams Romney's plans for "tax cuts for the wealthy," what else? And doesn't say a word about his failed policies for the past four years. There's the lame talk about helping the "middle class," as well, as if his administration even cares about them. Folks like that are frankly "clinging" to their guns and religion, as polls show over and over again. For some reason, though, people like O personally, while disliking his policies. He's like a snake charmer I guess. See LAT, "Obama outranks Romney on likability, polls show":

WASHINGTON — The economy is in the tank and hopes for quick improvement are dim. Most people don't like the direction the country is headed and many blame President Obama. And his GOP rival scores better on the top issues. So why isn't Obama doing worse in the polls?

One likely reason: Voters like him more than Mitt Romney.

Obama's job approval ratings long ago plummeted from his halcyon postelection days. But the president's favorability — the catchall measure that pollsters say reflects voters' gut feelings about a politician — has been resilient. Despite a recession, a sluggish jobless recovery, an oil spill, an unpopular healthcare law and a string of ugly tussles with Congress, Obama's favorability is 54%, according to a recent USA Today-Gallup poll. Respondents were essentially divided on Romney, who had a 46% favorability rating. When asked about likability, respondents favored Obama, 60% to 30%.

Included in that barometer is a group of personal traits more consequential than just being nice. Obama gets high marks on honesty and trustworthiness. And most voters say he shares their values and cares about people like them.

And, by some accounts, voters really like the president. Two-thirds of voters surveyed recently by the Wall Street Journal and NBC said they liked Obama personally.

Romney, the unofficial Republican nominee, was personally liked by 47%.

"Basically, it looks like Romney's personality is holding him back and Obama's likability is helping him," said Jeffrey M. Jones, managing editor for the Gallup Poll. "It seems frivolous, but it matters."
Well, maybe that'll help him.

I personally like someone who doesn't mind putting his hand over his heart during the national anthem, but hey, O's got that soulful smile and down home swagga, so that's something, at least.