Monday, July 30, 2012

Jordyn Wieber's Tearful Failure in Women's All-Around Gymnastics Final

So much emotion. It's more fascinating than sad, frankly.

At the New York Times, "Americans Excel, but Wieber Is Out for All-Around":
When the 17-year-old Wieber — who has been described on different occasions as steady as a rock, as sure as a machine and as mentally tough as the great Nadia Comaneci — learned she was the odd woman out, she burst into tears.

“When this kind of disappointment happens, you can’t say anything,” said Martha Karolyi, the United States women’s national team coordinator. “It’s almost like when someone passes away. What to say? Anything you say, the situation is the same.
Watch here: "2012 Trials Day 2: Jordyn Wieber Key Routines."

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