Friday, July 27, 2012


I wasn't even on Twitter yesterday, but I'll venture a guess "#RomneyShambles" was the leading hashtag.

The Independent UK has it, "#Romneyshambles: 'Some Americans just shouldn't leave the country', says Carl Lewis." (At Memeorandum.)

Also, at Althouse, "'Romney book: Britain is a tiny island that makes stuff nobody wants'." (At Memeorandum.) Ann posts crucial excerpts from Romney's book, No Apology, something that Foreign Policy didn't do, because Romney's conservative, no doubt:
Now Foreign Policy — a respected journal? — ends its out of context squib with snark: "Its roads and houses are small? The trees probably aren't the right height either." I'm giving you the whole context that Foreign Policy didn't want to deal with. It's about the British decline into socialism. What do you say we take that seriously?

Socialism/capitalism — that's how campaign 2012 has been framed. Let's stare that issue in the face. Sorry if the Brits' feelings are hurt, but this is about us.
She's right, but no one can help Romney on the gaffes, except Romney. Get it together man, sheesh.

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