Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#NBCFail: Twitter Suspends Reporter Guy Adams for Criticizing Olympics

In his last tweet, he published an NBC executive's phone number, and that got him suspended. But still, folks are saying it was NBC complaining that did it, not the tweet, which included a phone number that was not private. Adams was coming down on 'em brutally, but you'd think the big wigs could take it.

See Independent UK, "#NBCFail: Online backlash as Twitter locks out Independent reporter - The Independent’s Los Angeles correspondent Guy Adams has account frozen after criticising US TV network." (Via Mediagazer.)

And here's his response, "Guy Adams: I thought the internet age had ended this kind of censorship - I'm still awaiting a detailed explanation from Twitter as to why my account was immediately suspended."

It's to the point, so read it at the link.