Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jennette McCurdy of 'iCarly' Says Michelle Obama Invited Herself on the Show

Disney Channel's 'iCarly' is winding down. My kid watches it. I think Jennette McCurdy's a riot. She still working with Nickelodeon, and I expect she'll move on to situation comedies ultimately, or even movies if she keeps up the way she's going. But I love how she says First Lady Michelle Obama just called her right up, didn't go through the producers or anything, and got on the show to push her agenda. Notice how at the outtake from one of the episodes Mrs. Obama says she doesn't mind being called "your excellency." Art imitates life, or what?

At WSJ, "Jennette McCurdy On Eating Veggies, Michelle Obama, and the End of ‘iCarly’."

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