Saturday, July 28, 2012

Video of Hezbollah Abduction of Israeli Soldier Ehud 'Udi' Goldwasser

At the Times of Israel, "Here’s the evidence Hezbollah is a terror group, says soldier’s widow of 2006 attack footage."

Karnit Goldwasser, whose husband Ehud was killed along with fellow IDF reservist Eldad Regev by Hezbollah in the attack that sparked the Second Lebanon War in 2006, said Saturday that footage of the attack, released on Friday by Hezbollah, proves that it is a terrorist organization.

Goldwasser was speaking days after the European Union rejected an Israeli request to brand the Lebanese Shiite group a terrorist organization, saying it needed “tangible evidence” to do so. She said that the footage of the attack — which stops at the moment that Hezbollah gunmen, having crossed the border into Israel, converge on the soldiers’ stricken Hummer jeep and prepare to drag them out — constituted precisely such evidence. “If that’s not terror, what is?” she asked.

She noted that since the film is cut before Regev and Goldwasser are seen, it is not clear whether they were alive or dead when captured. “Maybe they captured them alive and killed them.”

Karnit Goldwasser added that Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah “has not seen the light of day” since the attack, and that she hoped his end would be “the same as [Osama] bin-Laden’s and Mughniyeh’s.” Imad Mughniyeh organized the cross-border attack and a series of other major Hezbollah terrorist actions. He was assassinated in Damascus in 2008.
What's interesting is how the Hezbollah forces are outfitted like army regulars, not as rag-tag terrorist irregulars. Hezbollah looks like the troops of a national military organization, which goes to tell you something about the nature of the threat to Israel along Lebanon's southern border. It's Iran's proxy army.