Monday, August 6, 2012

Wade Michael Page Identified as Suspect in Sikh Temple Massacre

The guy was a freak. If this guy got in my face I would have kicked his ass, as I would if a neo-commie terrorist was hassling me.

Michelle has this, "Sikh temple shooting: Details on gunman emerge; donation drive for victims launched":
I’ll leave the vulgar politicization of this evil massacre to others. The usual suspects are in full-blown Blame Righty Syndrome mode. They are as ghoulish and galling as the disgusting Westboro publicity hounds.
And right on cue, No More Mr. Nice Blog smears conservatives for the actions of a purported neo-Nazi, from the comments:
Unfortunately, a la McVeigh at al., the MSM won't for the most part draw the connection between this killer on the one hand, and the whole hate-thy-political/cultural/religious/racial-enemy toxicity that has permeated the Right's rhetoric for decades, on the other hand. I personally think the connection is indisputable and glaringly obvious, but so what?
That is disgusting.

More at Wizbang, "Sikh Temple Investigated As Domestic Terrorism, Ft. Hood Shooting Is Still Just “Work Place Violence”."

Yeah, that's what I said:

The Other McCain reports as well, "PRESS CONFERENCE: ‘Heroic Actions’ of Police Saved Lives in Oak Creek Shooting UPDATE: Shooter Reportedly Played in Hate-Metal Rock Band ‘End Apathy’."

Check Memeorandum for more. And from My Pet Jawa, "Shooting At Sikh Temple (Updated/Bumped Killer Identified as Wade Michael Page)."

And remember, conservatives repudiate people like this, on the extreme right-wing fringe. Progressives, on the other hand, embrace their fringe extremists.

I expect Rachel Maddow to launch a new series tying the suspect's purported hate-group affiliations to the GOP. Someone like that does not speak for conservatives. All Americans should be condemning this violence. It's too bad that the leftists jumped immediately to destroy their political opponents before the facts were in, and it's especially awful now, considering how unrepresentative is the suspect to any mainstream organizations on the right.


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