Monday, August 6, 2012

Walter James Casper III, Hate-Blogger and Internet Stalker, Harasses Gay-Politics Activist Evan Hurst on Twitter

This is why hate-blogger Walter James Casper III, a.k.a. Repsac3, is blocked from my blog --- and this is why the evil "Hatesac" has been exposed, repudiated, and blocked all over the right wing blogosphere. When Zilla put up a huge "roll call" of conservatives supporting me against workplace intimidation, Hatesac3 infiltrated her comments and was promptly banned. As I wrote at the time: "RACIST = REPSAC's a nut case. A raving hatemonger and lunatic."

So now it turns out that Hatesac3 is an equal-opportunity predator. There's this guy, Evan Hurst, who is the Director of Social Media at Truth Wins Out, an extreme far-left blog pushing homosexual rights. He seems like a reasonable guy. But right on cue, Hatesac3 launched a Twitter campaign stalking him after looking to leach a copy of an article Hurst posted on Chick-fil-A:

The entry at Truth Wins Out has been taken down, as perhaps not defending the left's hateful fascist attacks on Chick-fil-A. But Hatesac3 wants it anyways, to fuel his deranged Internet predations, no doubt. After Hurst basically blew off Hatesac3 as a nuisance, our infamous progressive stalker started berating the dude:

Mr. Hurst has not dropped out of sight, as indicated by his Twitter feed. So perhaps he's just trying to be polite in the hopes that deranged obsessive Hatesac3 will just let it got. Mr. Hurst explained that he'd just been swamped, and as it's a fresh week, maybe he'll still forward that piece to the despicable Hatesac3. Seriously, after that much harassment, I'd just send it to the f-king criminal Hatesac3 just to get him off my back. Either that, or I'd notify the authorities. Look at that deranged Internet harassment. For crying out loud, Hatesac3, get a life motherf-ker!

See: "Intent to Annoy and the Fascist Hate-Blogging Campaign of Walter James Casper III."

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Case File: Check the special search for "Repsac3 OR Walter James Capser III" at Google.