Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ali Akbar Mars Curtis Bostic Campaign for Congress #SC1

There's a huge conservative buzz building for GOP congressional candidate Curtis Bostic, who's running for election from South Carolina's District 1.

Robert Stacy McCain mounted a little shoe-leather funding drive to finance a trip to cover the campaign, and now he's hitting the road: "Headin’ to South Cackalacky!"

Unfortunately, alternative media have been reporting an ugly little controversy surrounding Ali Akbar, the convicted felon who is head of the National Bloggers' Club.

iOWNTHEWORLD reports, "Head of National Bloggers Club Embroiled in South Carolina Congressional Primary Controversy."
Ali A. Akbar’s past is being used against Curtis Bostic, the TEA Party favorite who is running an underdog campaign against the establishment’s Mark Sanford.

The Patch has been covering the controversy -

In the week since his surprising second-place finish to Mark Sanford in the Republican primary for the first Congressional District, Curtis Bostic and his social media presence has kept a low profile.

But on Monday, political consultant and convicted felon Ali Akbar emerged in vocal support of Bostic’s campaign. Akbar and the Bostic campaign differ on whether the two are working together.

Akbar’s “work” for Bostic raised a few eyebrows, given his criminal history.

Akbar was convicted in 2006 of credit card theft and fraud in Tarrant County, Texas. He was placed on four years probation. Screen shots of the court records relating to the case are attached to this article ...
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And from Ladd Ehlinger on Twitter:

And from Rick Wilson:
This story's getting bigger.

Slate's David Weigel weighs in: "Is the GOP's Last, Best Hope Against Mark Sanford Blowing It?"

Expect updates...