Saturday, March 30, 2013

Troll Rights Harasser Repsac3 Breaks Through the Disqus Commenting Firewall!


Nailed the asshole --- again! --- on his moral bankruptcy, and the dude can't even respond but to call me a liar!

Bwhahaha!! Face it, Repmaster Asshole, you're an obsessed loser who's beaten, and bad.

And behold readers, notice how our resident troll rights harasser simply can't respond on point:
• 5 hours ago − You're a lying obsessed ass, Douglas ... Give it a rest, buddy.

• 5 hours ago − And learn how to use disqus better, while you're at it.
Really? Who's obsessed?

Folks have heard that broken record before. Seems to me our resident troll rights asshole once said that he was calling it a day, at a blog post titled, "Donald Kent Douglas Wins The Internet!!":
After a whole lotta reflection, I'm giving up. Throwing in the towel. I'm forfeiting the game, and letting Dr. Douglas take home the trophy, such as it is...
And since then?

Well, obviously the poor progressive asshole just can't let go. Racist Repsac3 has been banned from this blog for years. And I "won the Internet" last January when I reported this criminal to the authorities and switched over to Disqus commenting. Of course, that was just too much for Comrade Racist Repsac the Comunist to take, WHAAAA! Here's his wittle wittle weftist tantrum, bawling like a child about how Mean Old Donny was gonna be banned at the American Nihilist hate-hole. Banned! WHAAAA!!:
In true Donalde Kent Douglas fashion though, he is now and forevermore BANNED!!! from commenting on any/all blogs under my control... No whining, threats or fretting... All future submissions disappeared on sight, without further notice or comment. Persona non grata, gone-a, goodbye...
Hey, no problem dick hole. It's been over a year now and I don't even read your shit hole.

But note dear readers! Racist Repsac3, by contrast, is in my Sitemeter stats on a daily basis, just jonesin' for the teeniest tiniest throwaway mention to give his life meaning. Bwahahaha! And now he's jonesin' on squeezing through some comments at Disqus?

Oh, it hurts!! It hurts. Stop, stop. You can't make this up! You're making me bust a gut, Reppy! Bwahaha!!

Fuck you Walter James Casper III. Everything written about you is true, true, true to infinity! The fact that you can't comment must be infuriating, right? I love it! No one --- not a freakin' soul --- can see your deranged bleatings, and no one cares. Not here. Not at this blog. Just look at you, you freak. I haven't even mentioned you at this blog in two months, and poof! No sooner had a post gone up on you've posted at American Nihilist multiple times and taken to Twitter to share with your awesome less-than-250 followers.


You're right, though. I should have had your ISP added to the blacklist, a problem that's now been corrected, you stalking ass prick:
Username: repsac3


IP Address:
In any case, dear readers, here's the post that sent this criminal harasser over the edge: "Horror! Ideological Ghoul James Casper III Tweets Kate Michelman's Defense of Baby-Killer Kermit Gosnell, the 'Jeffrey Dahmer of Abortionists'."

Go snip some post-abortion spines, you ghoul. That's what you're all about. Murder. Death. Four fucking horseman you motherfucking pustule of diabolical refuse.

Get a life loser.

BANNED: "Ban, Block and Report Walter James Casper III in 2013."