Thursday, March 28, 2013

'Legalizing same-sex marriage would celebrate motherlessness and fatherlessness...'

From the letters to the editor, at the Los Angeles Times, "Letters: Gay in America":
Re " A gay marriage backlash? Not likely," Opinion, March 24

It is incredible to suggest that the effect of legalizing same-sex marriage is only "abstract and long term." A normal response to someone who says "I grew up without a mother" or "I grew up without a father" is to say, "I'm so sorry." Legalizing same-sex marriage would celebrate motherlessness and fatherlessness.

If the Supreme Court redefines marriage, we will tell ourselves and every child that women are replaceable and men don't matter. There is nothing more fundamentally equal than marriage as it always has been: You must have a man, and you must have a woman.

Gwendolyn Wyne
Los Angeles
Well, that's not politically correct to say that. You'll be attacked as homophobic!

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