Sunday, March 31, 2013

If You're Traditional, You'll Be Attacked as 'Bigoted' No Matter What

I long ago stopped trying to be cordial with progressives online. It doesn't matter what you do or say, progressives will always adopt the fall back position that you are a bigot. Let them whine all they want. The fact is it's the left that's the disgustingly bigoted and racist, which is made even worse by the progressive hypocrisy.

Here's an interesting post at the communist Crooked Timber, from idiot John Holbo, "Another Pro Same-Sex Marriage Argument."

 photo NOM-Rally-Bigot-Sign_zps8cd96e6d.jpg
Defenders of ‘traditional marriage’ insist 1) that their position is, well … traditional; wisdom of the Judeo-Christian tradition, the history of Western Civilization, etc. etc.; 2) they are not bigots. They are tolerant of homosexuality, and the rights of homosexuals, etc. etc. Maybe they watch the occasional episode of “Will and Grace”, in syndication (even if they didn’t watch it back when it started.) They are careful to distance themselves from those Westboro Baptist Church lunatics, for example.

It’s gotten to the point where one of the main, mainstream arguments against same-sex marriage is that legalizing it would amount to implying that those opposing it are bigots. Since they are not just bigots (see above), anything that would make them seem like bigots must be wrong. Ergo, approving same-sex marriage would be a mistake. Certainly striking down opposition to it as ‘lacking a rational basis’ would be a gross moral insult to non-bigoted opponents of same-same marriage.
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You see, the "new" arguments against homosexual marriage are supposedly not bigoted, according to traditionalists. But since the so-called "new" arguments are really the same as the "old" bigoted arguments against homosexual marriage, traditionalists are still bigots just the same, or something.

The argument's not going over too well in the comments.

Either way. Folks I talk to are tolerant of homosexuality. They just don't like homosexuals re-engineering the entire culture to essentially criminalize traditional values. It's not going to get better if the Court makes a broad ruling on same-sex marriage, but we'll see.

PHOTO CREDIT: From the depraved homosexuals at Think Progress, "Why Marriage Equality Opponents Who ‘Love’ Gays Are Still Bigoted." Because no matter what you do or say, you'll still be attack as a "bigot."