Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to Fight the Left-Wing Hate Machine

From Conn Carroll, at the Washington Examiner:
Judging from the oral arguments in the two gay marriage cases before the Supreme Court this week, it appears the federal Defense of Marriage Act will be ruled unconstitutional on federalism grounds, and that the court will punt on California's same-sex marriage law, effectively allowing every state to define marriage as it wishes.

That is not good enough for the progressive movement. Progressives want marriage to be redefined in every state to include same-sex relationships. And they will not stop there, either. As the court was listening to oral arguments Wednesday, progressive blogger and former Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee member Chris Bowers wrote, "The step after victory in legal LGBT rights will be social ostricization of those who oppose it."

Don't think for a second that Bowers' desire to punish those who disagree with the progressive agenda is an isolated case. The Center for American Progress, or CAP, the nonprofit organization founded by President Clinton's Chief of Staff John Podesta, has also labeled anyone and everyone who opposed redefining marriage as a bigot.
Of course, the progressive stance against bigotry has nothing to do with principles and everything to do with politics. After all, less than a year ago, President Obama opposed redefining marriage. Neither CAP, nor Bowers nor any other major progressive entity was devoting resources to calling Obama a bigot. It was an election year, for Pete's sake.

CAP is not content with name-calling, either. The group has led progressive efforts to ostracize anyone who disagrees with it....
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Carroll cites the recent news of Chick-fil-A providing free food vouchers to homosexuals as a model, although I doubt that's going to be enough to fight the leftist hate, as I inferred with my earlier entry: "If You're Traditional, You'll Be Attacked as 'Bigoted' No Matter What."

It remains to be seen what happens. We may be in for a sustained period of reduced political liberty for opponents of SSM. But the tide could turn as public opinion shifted on abortion, so people of decency, integrity and faith ought never waiver from their core principles. Truth will win out in the end.