Friday, March 29, 2013

Post-Birth Abortion = Murder

Lonely Con has the video, "Video: Planned Parenthood Ghoul Argues For Post Birth Abortion!" And from Jenny Erikson, "Planned Parenthood Argues in Favor of Infanticide in Cases of Failed Abortions (VIDEO)."

And on Twitter, people are dumbstruck by the progressive evil, at Twitchy, "Horrifying: Fla. Planned Parenthood lobbyist argues case for infanticide."

Remember, popular support for abortion rights has tanked over the last 40 years, after Americans had a chance to get a good look at the left's depraved culture of death. We'll see the same trend with the deterioration of child welfare on the homosexual marriage front. Even leftist Supreme Court members like Sonya Sotomayor argued that the issue was so fresh that the proper place for debating homosexual marriage was in the states, not at the Court.

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