Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Louise Mensch School of Rock

At Independent UK, "Music students dazzled by the Louise and Peter Mensch show at the Albert Hall":

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“Why are you still bothering?,” Louise Mensch asks her husband, Peter, the New York  rock band manager who guides the careers of Metallica and Jimmy Page. “You made a lot of money a long time ago and it’s your 60th birthday today?”

It’s a question which might normally be posed within the family home. But today the former Conservative MP is quizzing her husband on a stage at the Royal Albert Hall in front of 50 spellbound  students.

The audience are young musicians, chosen to attend a masterclass in music management as part of the London venue’s new education programme.

Whilst Mr Mensch reveals how he made AC/DC international megastars and saved Madonna’s career, the session also provided a revealing insight into the relationship which prompted his wife’s surprise resignation from Parliament last August to move to New York with her husband.

“I don’t have to introduce Louise, you know her,” Mr Mensch told the students as the former politician, who agreed to be “chairman” for the session, sat alongside her husband.

Unused to a supporting role, and betraying a slight East Coast twang, Louise soon began to impose herself on proceedings.

“I want to get through you guys’ questions,” she told the audience. “But first I have some questions of my own. Let’s talk about Metallica. You stole them from their manager didn’t you? ” “Louise knows my career better than I do,” Peter admitted.

Later an exasperated Peter complained “You keep cutting me off” when Louise tried to move the conversation on. “I’ve got so many questions,” she told him.

“It’s my show and I can do what I want” insisted Peter, who was “shushed” by his wife when he threatened to divulge an indiscreet story about Samantha Cameron.

Louise first met Peter when she invited him to speak at the Oxford Union in 1990.

Years before they became an item, Mr Mensch helped Louise gain work experience in the music business. “I spent all of one Summer interning at MTV Headbangers Ball and record companies,” she told the students. “I worked for nothing.” Now she is helping him choose his next starlet....
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