Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why Gay Marriage Will Win, and Sexual Freedom Society Will Lose

From Megan McArdle, at the Daily Beast:
In some sense, it doesn't really matter how the Supreme Court rules on the gay marriage case it's hearing today.  The culture war is over on this front, and gay marriage has won.  Even if it loses at the Supreme Court this term, it will win in the legislatures . . . because it is already winning in popular opinion.  Few people much under the age of sixty see a compelling reason that straights should marry and gays should not.  For that matter, my Republican grandfather is rumored to have said, at the age of 86, "I think gays should marry!  We'll see how much they like it, though."

At this point, it's just a matter of time.  In some sense, the sexual revolution is over . . . and the forces of bourgeois repression have won.

That's right, I said it: this is a landmark victory for the forces of staid, bourgeois sexual morality.  Once gays can marry, they'll be expected to marry.  And to buy sensible, boring cars that are good for car seats.  I believe we're witnessing the high water mark for "People should be able to do whatever they want, and it's none of my business."  You thought the fifties were conformist?  Wait until all those fabulous "confirmed bachelors" and maiden schoolteachers are expected to ditch their cute little one-bedrooms and join the rest of America in whining about crab grass, HOA restrictions, and the outrageous fees that schools want to charge for overnight soccer trips...
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I think McArdle overestimates the benign effects of this development. Homosexuals will gain more clout, push for normalizing all kinds of depraved behavior in the public schools, and further demonize and marginalize people of decency and faith. And frankly, we might find out in a few years that homosexual marriage is empirically not better for the well-being of children --- that is, we might have large-N, statistically significant research demonstrating the harshly adverse effects of legalizing the marriages of the bunghole bungee jumpers.

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